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Google Search Engine Basics

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Search Engine Optimization is obviously important, otherwise what's the point in building a website for the public domain unless they are aware of it's existance. Below are a few links to help get new websites into the public domain (on Google at least).

Add your URL to Google

Pretty straight forward. This link brings you to a page that will submit your website to the Google search engine, so that they know you are ready to be indexed.

Google Webmaster Central

This is an important page for web developers and administrators alike. Bookmark it! This will provide links to help videos and general resources aimed at webmasters. If you are not familiar with basic SEO but would like to be, this is your ticket out of ignorance.

Just to emphasize one aspect of this resource, take a look at the Googles SEO Starter Guide. This goes through all the basics with clear explanations of how to do (and not to do) things. (You may have noticed this but this article is located on the Google Webmaster Central Blog. There might be a few articles there worth reading.)

SEO on Google couldn't be any easier. Just remember, there is no clear cut way of getting to the top of the search rankings. It's just a matter of covering all your bases and letting Google do the work. 


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